Jack McGuire Authentic Shaker Furniture


I purchased a cherry and birdseye maple server

in Chicago eight or nine years ago made by McGuire Family.  I trust you are the McGuire Family that made this server?.  I would like you to know that nothing I own has given me as much pleasure.  It is beautiful in every detail, a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to feel, and a pleasure to use.  Every time I slide out a drawer, run a cloth over the top, or pull a vase from the cupboard, I smile.  And what’s that worth?  If you are the right folks, I am interested in tables and beds.  

PN, Chicago, Il. 2003

Dear McGuire’s,

I am writing you to let you know I am the happy owner

of the half scale Federal Chest that you produced.  I want you to know how much my wife and I appreciate all of the effort  and skill you put into it.  I have been a furniture maker for over 45 years.  I was fortunate to start my business close to Philadelphia, where I have had access to most of the finest pieces in the area.  In 1962, I had the honor to be chosen to restore and make furniture for the White House.  I only tell you this to let you know that your chest is in the possession of someone who is qualified to know and appreciate quality.  It holds it’s head high among many antiques and reproductions that I have made and sits in a room where we spend most of our time, and it gets a great deal of our attention.

Thanks again for your devotion to fine craftsmanship.  Cordially Yours, Louis A Irion 1991

New Castle, Delaware

Dear McGuire’s,

I am one of the fortunate people who have several

pieces of your lovely furniture.  In 1997, I ordered a candle stand from you.  Past purchases were in Corvallis at a small furniture shop.  They are no longer in business, and I am interested in another piece.  It is the Shaker Ladderback chair using a combination of birdseye maple and cherry.  I am also interested in the cherry blanket chest.  Thanks for your attention to my requests.

SCE, Corvallis, Oregon 1999

Dear Meghan,

Thanks for everything!  We are looking forward to a lifetime of enjoyment with our new cupboard.  We’ll keep you in mind for other family heirlooms.

Sincerely,  LOF, 1996